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Exclusive Services

With over 13 years of experience as a billing manager, Jason Collins, AKA Coach Jay enjoys doing what he does best, allowing you to focus on being a practitioner. Coach Jay has a number of satisfy clients across the country.  Here are some of the services you can receive when he's on your Team!

Correspond with Insurance Companies

  • confirm eligibility

  • direct communication with insurance companies to ensure payment 


Handle the financial side of your practice

  • Shares a spreadsheet which allows you to track client payments

  • Provides a separate email for communication

  • Manage payments patient/client balances,

  • Answer client billing inquiries,

  • process copays, 


Process Claims

  • Bill claims

  • Correct Denials

  • Post Payments



  • Coach you through doing your own billing

  • Help solve billing problems

  • and more

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